While in the Area

Amador County has much to offer to visitors. Award winning Wineries, fine dining, several live theatres, gold mine tours, cave exploration, historic towns scattered along historic Highway 49, and the beauty of rolling hills covered with vineyards and oak trees, just to name a few.

You are encouraged to explore the links below to get a small feel of what’s awaiting you within a short drive from Amador Harvest Inn located in the heart of the Shenandoah Wine Valley:


Deaver Vineyards
Sample traditional Amador County Zinfandel at the Deaver Vineyards Tasting Room, enjoy a picnic lunch by the lovely pond, or browse the renowned gift shop.

Amador Flower Farm
Take a relaxing stroll through the seemingly endless assortment of daylilies and garden accessories offered at nearby Amador Flower Farm, Deaver family owned and operated.

Amador County Wineries
View this link for listings of local wineries.

Historic Sutter Creek
Historic town from the Gold Rush still vibrant with local merchants.

Amador Vintage Market
A top notch Gourmet Market (and caterer) offering exquisite lunches, desserts, and wine – perfect for a romantic picnic or dining in the quaint market at the cozy wine bar. Located just minutes from the Inn on Main Street Plymouth.

Taste Restaraunt
Fine Dining in Plymouth. A great way to end the day after wine tasting in Shenandoah Valley.

Sutter Creek Theatre
Indoor historic playhouse, quality performances. Located in historic town of Sutter Creek, a 20 minute drive from Amador Harvest Inn.

Main Street Theatre
A professionally-oriented, rural theatre company with summer performances at the Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre, fall and spring fundraisers in Sutter Creek, a 20 – 30 minute drive from Amador Harvest Inn, depending on performance location.

Volcano Theatre
Historic Indoor Cobblestone Theatre and outdoor Volcano amphitheatre featuring local talent – quality performances. Located in the historic town of Volcano, a 35 minute drive from Amador Harvest Inn.